"I am a Data Scientist, Software Developer, Big Data Architect and Entrepreneur."

I lead the Big Data team at SendGrid. I've worked as a "Data Scientist" or related role for about 4 years, but have been
"doing Data Science" for at least a decade including my PhD work. This is the third time I've built a "big data" team in
my career, once for my own startup, then at a national lab, now at SendGrid.

I spent a decade in college resulting in a PhD, 30 publications, 300 citations and a few research grants and awards.
NLP, Predication/Recommendation, Distributed/Wireless
systems, Privacy and Anonymization, Energy data systems,
email marketing algorithms, facebook and iphone apps,
robot design, information theory (hashing) and game theory
Java, Python, C, R, Cassandra, Redis, NoSQL, SQL, Unix,
concurent and asynchronous programming tools, web
services, OOP, Map-Reduce/Hadoop/EMR, Chef, Automation
Solr, Git, SVN/Subversion, Amazon EC2/Cloud Computing