NSF SBIR Phase 1 (2009)
An SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) grant awarded to Techoshark,
inc., entitled SBIR Phase I: Improving Business-Consumer Commerce Via Mobile
Social Networking Services

NSF GK-12 Fellowship (2008-2010)
Integrating sensor technology into STEM curriculum and teaching with it in the
Boulder Valley School District

Ford Motor Research Grant (2005)
Implement theoretical ad-hoc routing protocols for vehicular networks and test
performance in the real-world with Professors Robert Dick and Fabian

Motorola Research Grant (2005)
Evaluate ad-hoc wireless routing protocols for indoor extension of cellular
coverage with Professor Robert Dick

Undergraduate Research Grants (2004,2005)
Awarded twice at Northwestern University for summer research, once to
develop a distributed intrusion detection and alert system with Professor Yan Chen
and a second to develop a self-organizing protocols for vehicular wireless networks
with Professors Robert Dick